Nu, zdravstvuy, Oksana Sokolova!


Things are finally starting to look bright for Ilya, a relatively unknown actor. Starting tomorrow, he will be the voice of Men's Radio. So of course he celebrates the occasion. But the next morning, the newly-crowned radio host finds himself unable to utter a single word. After a wild night out on the town he has completely lost his voice. It's half an hour before he goes on air, prime-time, the contract has already been signed, Ilya is in a state of panic... The only solution is to get an injection in his voice box. According to the doctor on hand, this is the only thing that might save the day.

And so, at last, Ilya takes his place at the microphone. The countdown begins: they're on air...

And Ilya greets his radio audience in a female voice!

Realizing he is caught in an extremely bizarre situation, our hero goes to all lengths to get his voice back, so as not to ruin his big chance.


Victor Dobronravov, Valentina Mazunina, Sergey Burunov, Boris Dergachyov, Alexey Bazanov


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