The historical events of the early XVIII century have become the heart of the adventure action-packed film "THE FIRST", which will tell us about the times when explorers from all over the world were rushing into expeditions full of danger and difficulties in order to discover uncharted territories. ​​ ​

Vasily Pronchishchev and Vasily Chelyuskin were young lieutenants of the Russia fleet, who set out from Yakutsk along the Lena River to the Arctic Ocean on a sailing ship under the leadership of the commander Vitus Bering in the summer of 1735. Contrary to the imperial prohibition, incredible trials and deadly danger lying ahead of all the members of this expedition, a young girl enamored with one of the characters got onto this ship. However, neither storms or severe northern frosts and hunger were able to stop them, since fulfilling of their duty, reaching of the most northeastern point of Eurasia and putting of the vast Arctic territories on the world maps were their main purpose in life.


Nail Abdrakhmanov, Alina Lanina, Evgeniy Tkatchuk, Valeriy Barinov, Danila Yakushev


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