Vremennye trudnosti


Sasha Kovalev was born with a congenital disease. His father has chosen, as it seemed to him, the only correct  way to put his son on his feet - treat him like a healthy person. "He is not a patient - he has temporary difficulties." The boy had to not only serve himself without  assistance, but also had to do household duties. His father sent him to an ordinary school, where the child on crutches was the object of continuous mockeries.

The boy got on his feet, but the therapy of his father caused the son to hate him. Having graduated from the school, Sasha left his home and stopped any communication with his father. For 12 years, Alexander Kovalev became a successful business coach, who brought hundreds of businesses out of crisis. Often by radical methods. And one day he received an order, which gave an unexpected opportunity to solve his personal question - to get even with his father...

Based on a true story.


Ivan Okhlobystin, Ilya Ryazanov, Rinal Mukhametov, Victoria Solovyova, Ian Tsapnik, Irina Pegova


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