Schaste v konverte


Letters of happiness - these are three amazing stories about love and friendship, about faith in a dream and the connection of generations, about how not to betray yourself and remain human in any life situation. In our age of technology, people are used to rushing, running, making money, while forgetting about the most important thing - about themselves and their true desires. It seems to us that we will be happier as soon as we have a new car or a high salary - And everything is much simpler - the secret of happiness is hidden in the soul of every person: in the ability to believe in miracles, make friends, love, be courageous, follow your dream. This film is like a family album, which allows you to plunge into the past, return to childhood, think about the soul.


Tatiana Samarina, Anna Zakharova, Evgeniya Glotova, Tatiana Mishina, Viktor Kuklin, Zalim Mirzoev, Anastasiya Baklanova, Aleksandr Poryvaev, Era Ziganshina, Yuliya Rudina, Vladimir Kolganov, Nataliya Scherbakova, Dmitriy Kochkin, Ilya Matyushin, Evgeniy Smolin, Varvara Gusinskaya, Aleksey Vasiliev, Yefim Kamenetsky, Fyodor Leschev, Evgeniy Kapitonov, Olga Onischenko, Lyubov’ Makeeva, Semyon Arsentiev, Polina Semyonova, Vladimir Petrov, Ekaterina Panasyuk, Aglaya Alekseeva, Vladimir Lesnykh


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