Guardians is a team of superheroes – created in the secret labs during the Cold War – whose powers and personalities are suggestive of regions of the former Soviet Union. Reflecting the mountainous terrain of his homeland, Ler, the Armenian, has the ability to manipulate rock formations. Аrsus, the Russian "muscle" of the group, takes the form of a bear, a national symbol for decades. Khan represents the Central Asian republics: a martial artist armed with enormous sickles who moves at super-speed. Rounding out the group is Ksenia, a Slavic blonde bombshell gymnast who can walk on water and turn invisible. Of course, the group put aside regional differences for the greater good: the organisation that brings them together is named Patriot. The Guardians squad gathers to save the world from the villainous maniac August Kuratov and prevent nuclear disaster.


Alina Lanina, Sebastian Seesak, Sanjar Madiev, Anton Pampushniy


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