Vse ili nichego


Three bank clerks decide to expose the crimes of their boss who not only makes their life's a living hell, but also uses the bank money for personal purposes. After getting inside their bosses country house and finding a huge amount of cash, our guys change their mind about exposing him and start thinking about just keeping the money and living the dream. Our characters, however have no clue that there is more to the story that meets the eye and behind the money lies a much bigger fish then there criminal boss.


Roman Kurtsin, Arthur Smolyaninov, Yuri Stoyanov, Sergey Burunov, Roman Madyanov, Vladimir Epifansev, Kirill Koganovich, Danila Yakushev, Andrey Stoyanov, Ekaterina Solomatina, Evgeniya Ahremenko, Vladimir Kortukov, Anna Bachalova, Elena Berkova


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