Golosa bolshoy strany

The Voices of a Large Country is a family movie. There are talented people worth real fame and recognition in every corner of our large country. They gather in Moscow to take part in popular TV shows. But their lives continue beyond the spotlights. And not in a fashion they really want them to. Each of the main characters – be they young or adult, ambitious or modest, lonely or amorous – will be through a lot of tests. They are in for highs and lows, meetings and partings, friendships and betrayals. But in the long run they’ll become one large family uniting people from the most distant corners of this country in the name of music, talent and love!


Alyona Toymintseva, Andrei Grizzlies, Egor Sesarev, Tina Kuznetsova, Anton Belyayev, Mariam Merabova, Jaroslav Dronov, Ilya Kireev, Angelica Frolova, Valentina Biryukova, George Yufa, Artyom Kacharyan, Alexander Belyakov, Yulia Tereschenko, Artsvik, Anastasia Belyaeva, Olga Sinyaeva, Mary Mirow, Ilya Bortko, Victoria Juk, Edgar Hakobyan, Angelica Alferova-Arutyunyan, Victoria Kuzmina

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