Zagaday zhelanie


It's a New Year lovestory.
General director of the company goes away on holiday. In his absence,a new young top manager
Maksim is being the deputy head in charge of the company. He has to turn in an annual report and defend the honour of the company in skating competitions. Besides all above mentioned his close friend Kesha wants Maksim to help him in making proposal to his beloved girlfriend. Kesha gives Maksim an engage- ment ring to keep before making proposal. Maksim puts the ring into the envelope and immediately forgets about it.
Meanwhile all the employees are preparing the annual report and getting ready for the New Year. One of their ideas how to celebrate this lovely holiday is to write some laughing wishes to Santa Claus. They put a big red box for letters in the o ce.
The main character Kate writes a letter where she asks Santa Claus to help her to meet a ance in the coming year. Then this letter oddly falls into Maksim's hands and Kate gets the envelope with the ring. After all these events the fascinating New Year's adventures begin and the end of the story will take place in the New Year's Eve with the bells on.


Ilya Lukashenko, Elena Muravyova, Mariya Feofanova, Roman Sidorenko, Alla Romanova


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