Ginger`s Tale

  • Screenplay: Tatiana Ilyina, Konstantin Shchekin, Ekaterina
  • Directed by: Konstantin Shchekin
  • Cast: Natalia Tereshkova, Pyotr Kovrizhnykh, Edgard Zapashny, Irina Yakovleva, Sergey Burunov
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: animated
  • Runtime: 88
  • Language: Russian


The kindhearted craftsman Potter finds a magic flintstone that turns him into a rich and cruel person. In order to get the stone back, the Evil Queen decides to kill him. The evil is confronted by Potter's betrothed Ginger, a tireless and resourceful girl, whose loyalty helps her to rescue Potter from the Evil Queen, remove the magic spell and keep love alive.