A Siege diary

  • Screenplay: Andrei Zaitsev
  • Directed by: Andrei Zaitsev
  • Cast: Olga Ozollapinya, Sergey Dreyden
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: drama, history, war
  • Runtime: 105
  • Language: Russian


The film tells about the longest and the most severe siege in the whole history of mankind. World War II. In autumn 1941 the German troops completely surrounded one of the biggest Russian cities – Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg). 2,5 million civilians got trapped in the city. The German commandment decided not to storm Leningrad to avoid unnecessary losses. The order was to destroy the city with bombings, artillery attacks and, most importantly, with hunger. Ration depots were burnt down and due to the siege it became impossible to either deliver supplies into the city or to leave it. Disastrous hunger struck the city. The Leningrad siege lasted for 3 years. About 1 million civilians died within that period, mostly out of hunger.