Atakan. The bloody legend

  • Screenplay: Aleksandra Radushinskaya, Evgeny Labetsky
  • Directed by: Aleksandr Grishin
  • Cast: Ksenia Plyusnina, Vladimir Kusnetcov, Denis Lukichev, Anna Serpeneva, Vladislav Altaiskii, Polina Strogaya
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: ужасы
  • Runtime: 81
  • Language: Russian


Atakan is a bloody boulder, a gigantic granite block, on which pagans sacrificed humans for centuries. The group of history students, led by a young teacher, descend into the catacombs of St. Petersburg to find the legendary boulder. With each step the situation spirals out of control. Only death awaits them as Atakan craves fresh blood. Who will survive?