• Screenplay: Evgeny Emelin
  • Directed by: Evgeny Emelin
  • Cast: Pavel Krainov, Regina Khakimova, Zalim Mirzoev, Alexander Laptii, Elena Podkaminskaya, Konstantin Samoukov, Sergey Sanayev, Albert Filozov, Vitaly Maksimenko, Svetlana Agafoshina
  • Country: Russia


The name Barabbas can be interpreted from Aramaic in three different ways: Bar-abbâ - son of the father (son of God), Bar-rabbi – son of rabbi; and Ber-
rabbi (literally home of rabbi) – a title used for the most eminent rabbis. It's interesting that in Gospel of Hebrews Barabbas is named as son of their
rabbi. Furthermore, in accordance with some ancient manuscripts and some modern editions of Gospels (e.g. New English Bible), Barabbas was also
named as Jesus. So, who was this so-called Barabbas and why has he turned out to be so popular? In public opinion Barabbas is a notorious murderer and thief, an embodiment of the evil. Barabbas can be traced even in literature for children – remember Karabas Barabbas.

Barabbas's discharge is described in all four Gospels but nevertheless it seems very controversial and mysterious. Matthew and John speak about a
custom of releasing a prisoner chosen by the crowd every year. (Matt. 27:15, John 18:39), Mark says that one prisoner "whomsoever they desired" was
released at feast. According to Luke Pilate "was obliged" to release one prisoner at the feast (23:17).The film is set in Jerusalem of Caesar. The story tells us how meeting with Christ changed life of every witness and participant of latter day. Barabbas imprisoned due to murder of Pharisee who had maligned the girl he
loved, is released from prison. But the long-awaited freedom only hurts him. Barabbas meets his beloved but the egotistic Judith arrogantly laughs at his
feelings. He meets a mysterious person Melchior and Christ's pupil named Peter. They reveal the secret intention of priests and Pharisees to execute the innocent
Nazarene. This changes Barabbas's life. There is one question burning in the mind of Barabbas. If the man from
Nazareth is really God as other people say about him then he would not be able to die. Looking for the truth Barabbas meets Christ's mother, witnesses the holy
Resurrection, travels to Nazareth hoping to learn about Jesus from his father. The film is about eight torturous days of doubts, a way from thief and
murderer to full penance and deep faith.