Seven Dinners

  • Screenplay: Aleksey Zyuzin
  • Directed by: Kirill Pletnyov
  • Cast: Roman Kurtsyn, Polina Maksimova, Elena Yakovleva, Vladimir Ilyin, Petar Zekavitsa, Anastasiya Ukolova
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: comedy
  • Runtime: 100
  • Language: Russian


Alena and Zhenya lived together for 5 years. She is a well-known interpreter, he: a little-known psychology teacher. They don't have any children and the passionate love they used to feel for one another has grown cold. They are no longer as close as they once were. Alena asks for a divorce. For the first time in many years Zhenya realises just how much she means to him. In utter despair he claims to have made a break-though in psychological method, and invented a system of mending broken relationships. He calls it "Seven Dinners". Zhenya asks her to help him test out his new method. It's very simple, and all it requires is that Alena has dinner with him seven evenings in a row. If, following the experiment, she still doesn't change her mind, then he'll willingly give her a divorce. Thinking that this is just a naive excuse to put off their inevitable divorce, she agrees. But there is one thing she doesn't know, each of these dinners is supposed to take place under very specific circumstances: In the dark... Without saying one word... In the presence of a stranger... Naked...

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