The House Elf

  • Screenplay: Dmitriy Bedarev, Evgeniy Bedarev
  • Directed by: Evgeniy Bedarev
  • Cast: Ekaterina Guseva, Yulia Sules, Sergey Chirkov, Sergey Burunov, Mikhail Bespalov, Alexandra Politik
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: fantasy, adventure, family
  • Runtime: 95
  • Language: Russian


In an ordinary and busy Moscow city there is an unusual House, overgrown with hundreds of secrets and mysteries. This house has a strange apartment in which not a single resident has stayed for long...

And as soon as an independent mother moved in this "cute" apartment with her lovely 8-year-old daughter Alina, the new residents find out that their living space is not that ordinary, and that the real Domovoy (House Elf) lives there. But the House Elf has long been offended by the whole human race and would do all imaginable filth in order to remain alone in the ill-fated apartment. But everything changes as a cruel witch challenges to the House Elf...


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