• Screenplay: Dmitry Suvorov
  • Directed by: Dmitry Suvorov
  • Cast: Danila Yakushev, Anna Chipovskaya, Alexander Sokolovsky, Alexander Revva, Yan Tsapnik, Alexander Lyapin, Valentina Mazunina
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: comedy, action
  • Runtime: 75
  • Language: Russian


What are you ready for the sake of your girlfriend?.. What if she is a prostitute in a Vietnamese brothel? What if its owner wants to knock your brains out? What if you owe a drug pusher a pile of dough? The main character Dima is to pull a big scheme. But how can you do it, if you are surrounded by the most inappropriate for it people? They are superbad heroes of our time. Meet the dream team!