Grandfather Of My Dreams

  • Screenplay: Leonid Yakubovich, Arkadiy Inin, with participation of Alexander Strizhenov
  • Directed by: Alexander Strizhenov
  • Cast: Nikolay Dobrynin, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Leonid Yakubovich, Anna Ardova, Vitaly Khaev, Viktor Suprun, Alexander Dobrovinsky, Ivan Kokorin, Alexander Pryanikov, Vitaly Alshansky
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: comedy, family
  • Runtime: 101
  • Language: Russian


Nobody knows what can happen with each of us tomorrow at dawn. Three our heroes woke up on a desert island in the company of two beautiful... but not very friendly girls... with no water and food... This was where they started to realize that life is really full of surprises! A grotesque family comedy that raises the eternal question about how much we depend on material wellbeing, which suddenly falls on our head.

In the old, inherited, house live the heroes of the film: Misha and Masha. They are both, especially him, from the category of those mediums that do not fit into the realities of the “new” reality. They don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit, they don’t have their “own business”, bank accounts and much more. But they don’t really care about it. They, as it is said, “go with the flow”, love each other, their house, friends, and generally perceive the world as it is.

They would always live like that, if suddenly Grandpa didn’t appear in their house. Very cute and pretty Grandpa. The main question is how our characters will behave (and, indeed, anyone on their place, if it happens to them).