With Autumn in the Heart

  • Screenplay: Georgy Paradjanov, Leonid Yengibarov
  • Directed by: Georgy Paradjanov
  • Cast: Nodari Dzhanelidze Anastasia Fursa Elena Antipova Michael Bogdasarov Anastasia Aseeva Anatoly Zaporozhenko Valery Magdyash Lali Badurashvili Andrew Nagornov Oleg Zhdanov
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: fantasy, drama
  • Runtime: 100
  • Language: Russian


This is a film about a great clown of the 20th century Leonid Engibarov (1935-1972).

He suddenly died when he was just 37 years old.

Most clowns used to amuse the public employing standard tricks and gags, while Leonid Engibarov took a different route and was the first who commenced to produce poetic clownery in the circle. His reprises were not aimed at producing as much laugh as possible, but rather compelling the spectators to think and brood over.

The film is based on lyric novellas by Leonid Engibarov.

The plot thereof combines real and fictitious events associated with the major character, i.e. a sad clown and poet who is not in harmony with the reality.

It is a some kind of a collage combining 13 novellas or trailers based on texts written by Leonid Engibarov which shows the weak mental world of the narrator Leonid. Who knows, maybe this is the author himself.

Lenya talks with the trees and runs away from a horrible girl in his dreams, meets a fountain worker waiting for water jets near the fountains and a tale teller featuring colored fairy tales. He as well a goalkeeper saving a bloomy post and a small boy crying along with the rain in the night.

It’s about delicate feelings and emotions related to his nearest and dearest and love confession to his only muse, anguish of bereavement and parting with his mother and late confession of love never heard by her.