The Magic Tower. Wizard of Balance

  • Screenplay: Anatoliy Vologdin, Elena Gabets, Sergey Seregin
  • Directed by: Sergey Seregin
  • Cast: Prokhor Chekhovskoy Olga Shorokhova Diomid Vinogradov Aleksander Taranzhin Stanislav Duzhnikov Vadim Demchog
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: animated
  • Runtime: 76
  • Language: Russian
  • Composer: Dmitriy Rybnikov


"The Magic Tower" is a Russian historical fantasy and therefore the invention is close to the reality. The action happens in the ancient Moscow of Tsar Peter I epoch. Tsar Peter issued decree about New Year Celebration in Russia. Since that time the celebration became an official holiday in Russia. Main character Jakob Bruce really was well-known Russian scientist and inventor as well as associate of Tsar Peter I. In the movie he's Wizard of Balance. The Tower also was really situated in the center of Moscow and it has a long and mysterious history. In the Tower there is Jacob Bruce's laboratory, his house and... Gate of the Magic Worlds which he protects from Darkness Power. Bruce's daughter Margo and his pupil Peter become participants of fascinating events. Their mission is to get to Magic Worlds and to restore an ancient manuscript in order to save the balance in the World. Heroes are waited by amazing and often dangerous adventures. Not only magic can help children to overcome hard tests and dangers but the most magic treasure in the world which is friendship. A funny mechanical being named Cube is always helps our heroes to get out of difficult situations as well as sometimes to get to these situations.