Complete Transformation

  • Screenplay: Pavel Sanaev
  • Directed by: Philippe Korshunov
  • Cast: Pavel Abdal, Nail Abdrakhmanov, Oleg Haas, Alexandra Bulycheva, Alexander Naumov, Irina Krutik, Vitaly Kudryavtsev, Sergey Nikolaev, Dmitry Warshavsky, Arina Postnikova
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: comedy
  • Runtime: 90
  • Language: Russian


The film follows Dima, a hapless real estate agent whose life is a never-ending series of problems, be it with work, his parents, girls... Sick of his life, Dima decides he'd give anything to be somebody else... and by a stroke of fate, the chance comes his way. one day, an eccentric scientist gives Dima a transformator – a device with the power to turn anybody into whoever they want to be. as he attempts to solve his problems, Dima finds himself flipping through twelve different faces and getting himself into all kinds of absurd situations as the device starts to take on a mind of its own. Constantly transforming, always a hair's breadth away from being found out, Dima begins to untangle his problems. in the end, he discovers who he really is: a smart, kind-hearted guy who helps his parents rekindle their relationship, builds himself a career, and finds true love.


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