Dark World 3D: Equilibrium

  • Screenplay: Sergey Dyachenko, Marina Dyachenko
  • Directed by: Oleg Asadulin
  • Cast: Maria Pirogova, Pavel Priluchniy, Makar Zaporojsky, Valerie Lanskaya
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: fantasy
  • Runtime: 12x44
  • Language: Russian


Every day shadows are coming from the dark world to the real one. These hungry frozen crea- tures are eating human emotions: love, happiness, kindness and after all lives of their victims will never be the same, they are in deadly danger. Power of evil is growing up every day and magic portal be- tween 2 worlds will be destroyed very soon. But small group of students is trying to keep thin equi- librium but even they are not able to stop all evil creatures. And the only power of true love could save the world from total apocalypse.