• Screenplay: Il’ya Avramenko
  • Directed by: Dmitriy Meskhiev
  • Cast: Maria Aronova, Maria Kozhevnikova, Valeriya Shkirando, Irina Rakhmanova, Marat Basharov, Mila Makarova, Alyona Kuchkova, Yanina Malinchik, Maria Antonova
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: war
  • Runtime: 120
  • Language: Russian


February 1917. Russian Tsar has abdicated.​ In trenches, were the confrontation​ with Germans lasts for several years, Bolsheviki​ are very active with their ​p​ropaganda.​ Russian officers can do nothing without​ approval of Soldiers Committees. The army​ is just near the stage of complete degradation.​ By order of Russian Provisional Government,​ attempting to strengthen the spirit,​ the female "Death Battalion" is established.​ In charge - Maria Bochkareva. Each of the
female hero is worthy of the Warrior Title.

Portsmouth International Film Festival 2015, UK - Leading Actress in a Feature, Best Movie,
Best Director, Best Operator, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress
Catalina Film Festival 2015, USA - Best International Narrative Feature Film
Bridge Film Festival 2015, The Republic of Kosovo - Best Director, Best Foreign Movie,
Best Actress, Best Operator
Navi Mumbai International Film Festival 2015, India - Best Screenplay, Best Movie,
Best Actress, Best Film Editor
Asia Pacific International Filmmaker Festival and Awards 2015,
Indonesia - Asia Pacific Platinum Award
The Honolulu Film Awards, USA - Best Director
Sose International Film Festival 2015, Armenia - Best Actress
Laughlin International Film Festival, USA - Best Producer
The South African International Film Festival RapidLion-Best Film Overall, Best of BRICS, Best,
Actress in a Leading Role (Maria Aronova), Sound Editing