Viking 2

  • Screenplay: Kamil Zakirov
  • Directed by: Stas Mareev
  • Cast: Eugene Sidikhin, Nina Kurpyakova, Igor Novoselov, Anatoliy Kotenev
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: action
  • Runtime: 4 x 45
  • Language: Russian


Young investigator Denis Shevelkov is transferred to investigation department of a small town where his bride lives. He immediately gets the case of Navy officer murder. It turns out that the deceased was smuggling weapons in conjunction with the local mafia, and the gangsters killed him on suspicion of undermining the warehouse with the goods. But in fact, the warehouse was blown up by the elusive fighter against evil, so called Viking. Everybody thinks that he died many years ago, but he continues the fight against banditry on his own way. Viking and Shevelkov attack mafia from two sides: the first acts secretly, on-partisan, refusing to rely on the legal justice , and the second one is a young idealist who follows the letter of the law. And while they are fighting separately , their efforts are in vain - the mafia network, supported by corrupt police and military sales, is too strong. But the time will come - our heroes will stand shoulder to shoulder and, having overcome all contradictions, will learn from each other and crush their enemies.

This is a spectacular exciting movie about truth and falsehood, good and evil, and in the first place - about the real men.