• Screenplay: Stanislav Mareev
  • Directed by: Stanislav Mareev
  • Cast: Eugene Sidikhin, Alexander Bashirov, Nicholas Chindyaikin, Alexei Devotchenko, Andrew Fedortsov, Nicholas Godovikov, Anna Lutceva, Alexander Peskov, Samvel Muzhikyan, Andrew Siganov
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2006
  • Genre: action
  • Runtime: 4 x 45 min
  • Language: Russian


The premiere of TV -Series "Viking" was successfully shown on channel "TV Center" in spring of 2007.
The main hero Sergey Vikentiev , or "Viking", as his friends call them, is an atomic submarine commander. Refused to obey to inappropriate order of the special service agent, he becomes a pawn in a large-scale political game , there money and power determine all.....He has to survive, protect his relatives and friends, and revenge for the already lost people.


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