The Magic Fern

  • Screenplay: Yevgeny Bedarev, Dmitry Bedarev
  • Directed by: Yevgeny Bedarev
  • Cast: Alexander Petrov, Svetlana Sukhanova, Tatiana Orlova, Roman Kurtsin, Pavel Kraynov, Dmitry Bedarev, Zalim Mirzoev, Alexander Mezentsev, Sergey Russkin, Elena Nikolaeva
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2012
  • Runtime: 12x48
  • Language: Russian


the characters could never have imagined that everything that has happened to them is not simply a chain of coincidences, but part of an invisible battle between mystical forces. How could or- dinary tourists, children of the civilized world, grasp that they have long since been transported into a mysterious, enchanted realm, ly- ing outside the confines of the natural order? Now, the heroes have very little time to escape from danger, find each other and survive their battle with unknown forces. Just a few hours are left before Kupala Night, when the magic fern blossoms – the most fabled of flowers that bestows the ability to see buried treasure, read people's thoughts and command spirits.