Road To (short film)

  • Screenplay: Alexandra Golovina
  • Directed by: Taisia Igumentseva
  • Cast: Sergey Abroskin, Anna Rud, Sergey Podkolzin, Vladimir Gorislavets
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2012
  • Genre: dramedy
  • Runtime: 32
  • Language: Russian


Big cities are full of lonely people.
Sergey is an “invisible” man who works as a sales assistant in an always empty shop of unusual gadgets. He rents a room at a pensioner’s apartment, and the old man chases Sergey with his annoying advices and unnecessary preachment. Sergey stays humble, he carries on - until the night comes. Then he puts on his best tie and costume, goes to the neighboring large apartment house and shouts as loud as he can, he shouts to all these sleeping people to go to hell and spices it up with unflattering epithets until he gets beaten up by the local mobs. One day Sergey finds a girl that he likes. She seems to like him as well. But will he dare to share with her his rituals of crazy night shouting, and will she appreciate that? There are different ways to be connected to the rest of the world and to share, and this film is about one of them.


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