I'll Be Around

  • Screenplay: Pavel Ruminov, Tikhon Kornev
  • Directed by: Pavel Ruminov
  • Cast: Maria Shalaeva, Roma Zenchuk, Maria Semkina, Ivan Volkov, Alisa Khazanova
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2012
  • Genre: drama
  • Runtime: 93
  • Language: Russian


Inna is single, pretty, successful and cheerful. She is a typical new Russian comfortable middle class young woman, working as a manager at a Moscow restaurant where she is surrounded with respect and love of her colleagues. Apart from that, she has a very special person in her life - her 6-year-old son Mitya. The little boy is the centre of her universe, her best friend and ally. But one day Mitya sees his mum with a bandage on her head. Inna tells him that she had a car accident, but the truth is ruthless - brain tumor... Knowing that she will die soon, Inna starts looking for foster parents. Inna’s twisted journey of anxiety, weakness and dismay will lead to unexpected encounters, rediscovering her strength, self-restraint and in the end – hope.