• Screenplay: Olga Antonova, Sarik Andreasyan, Tikhon Kornev
  • Directed by: Evgeniy Abizov, Sarik Andreasyan, Alan Badoev
  • Cast: Sergey Bezrukov, Dmitriy Duzhev, Mikhail Porechenkov, Egor Beroev, Gosha Kutsenko, Alexander Oleshko, Igor Vernik
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2012
  • Genre: comedy, romance
  • Runtime: 103
  • Language: Russian


Every year on the International Women’s Day telephone networks transfer millions of phone calls and SMS messages. The vast majority of phone calls are addressed to the most important women in lives of everyone - to our mothers. But what would it be if because of enormous number of calls telephone network breaks down? What would we do? Someone would wait until network is rebuilt and would congratulate his mom in the evening or even the next day. But others, like the heroes of our movie, would change their plans to congratulate their moms just today ... personally ... as a kid!..