Listening to Beethoven

  • Directed by: Garry Bardin
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: animation
  • Runtime: 10


Main happiness in life is freedom. The film unfolds the story of the suppression of freedom. But all efforts are in vain, and in the end freedom triumphs.

Garry Bardin is the living legend of animation. All of Bardin's films are connected with the presence of one main theme - freedom, in various manifestations. Freedom, or the lack thereof. In these works, the director shows himself to be an adherent to an austere aesthetic; a master of detail; a experimenter and minimalist, working with widely varying techniques and materials (from matches and paper to wire and clay); and an observant artist-philosopher, unafraid of painful subjects and universal metaphors. As a truly ambitious director of the present day, Garry Bardin possesses the ability to create handmade "symphonies of hope" out of thin air – quite literally. "Listening to Beethoven" is direct evidence of that.

"Listening to Beethoven" was premiered at Cannes Film Festival - The Directors' Fortnight.

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