• Directed by: Maxi Shilov
  • Year: post-production
  • Genre: documentary, art - culture
  • Language: English


A documentary film about impact of environment on human activity and forms of beauty, hidden in daily routine around us in faces, landscapes, objects. Film authors explored approach to work, creativity and mentality within original monoculture of Scandinavia, where aesthetics is an everyday philosophy.

The focus of the project is on Scandinavia — Denmark, Iceland and Sweden were visited to meet natural elements of local culture and life: design, architecture, nature, way of living and thinking. In the film such talented and dedicated professionals in visual culture are interviewed as Henrik Vibskov (fashion designer, Denmark), Anders Brix (Professor of Design from Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts), Johannes Torpe (former cr. director of Bang & Olufsen, Denmark), Thomas Gammeltoft (Film Producer, Copenhagen Film Fund), Carin Blidholm Svensson (BVD, Sweden), Alexis Holmqvist / Cristiano Pigazzini (Note, Sweden) and many others.