What Men Talk About

  • Screenplay: Leonid Barats, Sergey Petreykov
  • Directed by: Dmitriy Dyachenko
  • Cast: Leonid Barats, Aleksandr Demidov, Kamil Larin
  • Country: Russia
  • Year: 2010
  • Genre: comedy
  • Runtime: 93
  • Language: Russian


The plot revolves around four old friends-Kamil' (Kamil' Larin), Lesha (Leonid Barats), Sasha (Aleksandr Demidov) and Slava (Rostislav Khait)-all well-to-do professionals in their late 30s embarking on a two-day road trip from Moscow to Odessa (the Olympus of humor in Russian and Ukrainian cultures). They wish to escape the metropolis and the everyday routine of work, family and girlfriends to relax in a nightclub run by Slava's friend and to see the concert of a popular band B-2.