• Screenplay: Ljubomir Levitsky
  • Directed by: Ljubomir Levitsky
  • Cast: Denis Nikiforov, Paul Piskun, Denis Dadaev, Valery Legin, Olga Storozhuk, Igor Gnezdilov, Vasilisa, Sergei Romanyuk, Andrew Burym, Constantine Koretsky
  • Country: Ukraine /Russian
  • Year: 2013
  • Genre: comedy
  • Runtime: 90
  • Language: Russian


Two brothers, Mark and Yasha, are street smart and know how to get everything they need and want. Yasha's fraud comes with a soft touch. He prefers to solve problems intelligently and without conflict. Mark, by contrast is impulsive and sharp-tempered, confident that problems can be solved by force. Navigating the twists and turns of their young lives, they decide to settle down and to start a stable and tranquil life. At the same time, they learn about a secret legacy - a famous pawn shop run by their uncle Felix. But when they arrive to pawnshop, they are decisively repulsed. Mark and Yasha decide to take their legacy any means. They take different approaches to solving their problem. Watch as they face an unpredictable whirl of events with a determination to do anything to get their way.