My Son

  • Screenplay: Laure Irrmann , Christian Carion
  • Directed by: Christian Carion
  • Cast: Guillaume Canet, Mélanie Laurent, Olivier De Benoist,
  • Country: France
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: drama
  • Runtime: 84
  • Language: Russian, French
  • Composer: Laurent Perez Del Mar


Julien travels constantly for work – his perpetual absence from home has wrecked his marriage. During a stopover in France, he gets a message from his very distraught ex-wife: Mathys, their seven-year-old, has disappeared. Julien begins the search for his son. He will stop at nothing to get the boy back... Christian Carion places long-time collaborator Guillaume Canet in unique shooting conditions to create this searing portrait of a man out of control, a father forced into violence by terrible circumstances... A relentless, unbearably tense thriller.

Release in Russia: 28.09.2017