Happy new year!

On New Year's Eve, everyone gathers at Sasha's house to celebrate his birthday, because he was born on January 1. Olya has prepared a gift for him — he will soon become a dad! In order to be alone with her thoughts for a while, Sasha hides in the toilet. By clicking on the flush, it turns out... in his parents ' apartment two hours before he was born. And it was December 31, 1992.

Take a hike, Vasya! lost in Bali

Vasya is overwhelmed with numerous potential boyfriends that are fighting for her attention. Pasha had a great opportunity to cheat on his wife with the beautiful Vasya. Kira sends her husband to a psychiatrist. Max had the opportunity to destroy Mitya and return Nastya. The game of who's going to be the best suitor turns into a chase quest that ends up with a trip to Bali. All the characters converge on the island of Bali, where they are waiting for chases, fights without rules and incredible adventures.


The film is based on a true story. Artur, a former military doctor, leads the quiet life of a widower in a mountain village in Dagestan. Artur learns that his only daughter Maryam has been recruited by a terrorist organization and ran away to Syria. Desperate, Artur goes after her. The father is willing to do anything it takes to save his daughter. When do your loved ones become strangers? Can a loving father be faced with a choice: saving his own daughter or somebody else's?

Inadequate people 2

Kristina lives a quiet family life with Vitaly, but her sarcastic view of the world does not coincide with Vitaly's ideals. While she is busy with household chores, he spends more and more time working, and Kristina begins to suspect that this has something to do with the appearance of his young assistant Sonya in the office

Ginger`s Tale

The kindhearted craftsman Potter finds a magic flintstone that turns him into a rich and cruel person. In order to get the stone back, the Evil Queen decides to kill him. The evil is confronted by Potter's betrothed Ginger, a tireless and resourceful girl, whose loyalty helps her to rescue Potter from the Evil Queen, remove the magic spell and keep love alive.

Tot eshchyo Karloson!

The character of Michael Galustyan that is called Carloson as he looks much like him, lives in a wonderful and bright world of metrics plump big-eared short men whose misstion is to help kids that face challenges caused by adults. Metrics can show themselves to the kids but have to hide the fact of their existence from those boring adults. Once upon a time The Elder Metric (Oleg Tabakov) sends our character with a responsible mission to help The Little Boy, lonely boy of 7 (Fedya Smirnov), whose parents are on the edge of divource. This emerging of so special and the very best friend in the world change the life of the boy dramatically. But no one could believe The Little Boy that his friend is not just his imagination but a real plump short man of the wonderful world of metrics. The situation becomes crucial when The Little Boy is sent to the school psychologist, has to be accompanied by the babysitter, and his classmates start mocking at him for his fantasies. At that moment his magical friend has to make a choice whether to prove The Little Boys relatives and friends that he really exists by risking to be seriously punished afterwards or to observe, staying cool, the situation from outside? Will our charming careless Carloson learn the values as true friendship, devotion, or unselfishness?

Speak Of The Devil

Witty comedy about the cunning estate agent Pasha, who randomly receives a strange feature. The unfortunate realtor has to wander literally all over the world and constantly find himself next to people who remember him with an unkind word.


The main character of the film Sergey Dobrolyubov is a news anchor of a music channel. Because of his conservatism he looks strange among his progressive colleagues. And his skeptical and negative attitude to all things new and unusual is a constant target of their mockery. He is definitely not a star of the channel. Sergey and his wife want to have a baby but have no success. Only a miracle can help them but Sergey does not believe in miracles till one particular moment. He makes a wish to have a baby, and a miracle happens - he gets pregnant! Now Sergey must prove to everyone - dreams can come true. But his friend Zhora sees a practical side of this situation. He suggests Sergey to use his pregnancy to gain money and glory by launching a new TV show. The Show Pregnant becomes very popular, and the protagonist Sergey Dobrolyubov is a star of it. But it is not easy to be a man in the family way and a TV star.


The developer of the best VR-games is convinced that he controls everything and everyone in his life. But the occasional acquaintance with the young social activist opens his eyes to the understanding that this world is much broader and more complicated than he thought.

Letters Of Happiness

Letters of happiness - these are three amazing stories about love and friendship, about faith in a dream and the connection of generations, about how not to betray yourself and remain human in any life situation. In our age of technology, people are used to rushing, running, making money, while forgetting about the most important thing - about themselves and their true desires. It seems to us that we will be happier as soon as we have a new car or a high salary - And everything is much simpler - the secret of happiness is hidden in the soul of every person: in the ability to believe in miracles, make friends, love, be courageous, follow your dream. This film is like a family album, which allows you to plunge into the past, return to childhood, think about the soul.

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